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Thin consistency acrylic paint with high pigment load.

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This acrylic based paint dries soft and

crack resitant.

This product is an acrylic gouache. It has the opacity of a gouache and the permanence of an acrylic.

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Focus Perma Paint Opaque Acrylic

Focus Air Hardening Clay 500g

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Art Rangers Craft Acrylic

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Focus Textile Paint

More lightfastness rating, European pigments. More pigment and a bit longer drying time. 

Focus Leather Paint 30ml (x 6pc)/set

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This is a student grade acrylic paint that offers lightfastness or permanance to your paintings . Economical and great for applying on large painting surface. 

Thin consistency acrylic paint great for painting on DIY crafts. Very economical,

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Focus Perma Paint Acrylic

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Revel Artist Grade Acrylic