Focus White Gesso 250ml

It prepares your surface to receive paints. It is made of titanium white grounds with high opacity. It has heavy body.

are made of imported high quality pigments. They have higher ligthtfastness rating, more vibrant color. They have more

pigment load. They are medium body. They have slower

drying time. They give you more time to do wet-on-wet

painting and blending. They dry permanent and glossy. They are water based, safe and non-toxic.

Your favorite student grade acrylic are now available in tubes and squeeze bottle. They are made of quality pigments that are also lightfast. The paint also have some body and retains brush strokes. They are fast drying. They dry permanent and glossy. They are water base, safe and non-toxic.They also have low odor.

Focus Perma Paint Acrylic 

Revel Artist Grade Acrylic Paint LA Series

Art Rangers Acrylic FEA0675 

Please check Art Rangers catalog for more listing.

Art Rangers craft grade acrylic are especially formulated for crafts. They have thin consistency and leaves no brush strokes behind. They have brilliant colors. They are economical, water base, safe and non-toxic