Why choose Focus?

* We value your safety. We want to make epoxy resins that are safe for home/ studio use.

* We don't use cheap additive / extenders can lower down the cost.  These additives are non-reactive but when the epoxy resin and hardener reacts, these fillers have nowhere to go, except to be forced into the air in the form of noxious fumes and VOCs.  

* No additive or extenders mean no shrinkage on your cast.

* We use modified BPA. Our product is safe for food contact. 




TC-110 (top coat) 
HL-310 (deep casting)
Processing Time  
60- 90 mins
60-120 mins
Gel time
45- 60 mins

Crystallization (dry to touch)
1.5- 3 hours (@ 25°C)

Cure Time

5-8 hours (@ 25°C)

2-4 hours (@ 60°C)

8-10 hours

2-4 hours @ 60°C